White Wolves

Truths and Questions

In moments, but felt like a funeral march of eons, Rhys was back.  There was no sign of the wolf.  Seeing the utter shock on Jen’s face, Rhys took her by the elbow and gently led her back to the bar.  He settled her in a seat and signaled the bartender, who set a Hurricane in front of her.

Rhys hated these moments, when someone learned about his world.  They almost always turned into such melancholy occasions as he was berated, cursed, or even called a charlatan by the very people who had sought his help.  Rhys braced himself for her distain as he saw the Hurricane working its magic on her.

“How is this possible?”

“What do you mean?” Rhys blinked several times.

“Werewolves.  How is it they – you – are real?  And the world not know?”

“That is a long story.”

“All right, then.  That’ll wait for later.  What part does my ex play in all of this?”

Rhys hesitated.  He told her earlier, but it must not have registered with her.

“He really is a werewolf, too, isn’t he?”

Rhys nodded.  Jen was throwing him off.  She was not reacting how he thought she would.  Which was also unusual in his experience.  Both because people did not usually accept the truth about werewolves as easily as she seemed to be doing, and because he was rarely wrong about people.

“So what does that mean for my son?”

“I’m not certain, to be honest.”


Rhys took note of the dangerous glint in her eye, “A child from a union such as yours is incredibly rare in our world.  Most unions like yours bear no children.”

“Are there other children like my son?”

“I know of none,” Rhys continued before the storm he saw in her eyes could break, “I do know such children have existed before, but none others who now exist.  I have people researching this because I think it may have something to do with why your son was taken.”

Jen broke down, “So it’s my fault that I got pregnant by my loser of an ex.”

“No,” Jen’s head snapped up at the heat in his voice, “This is not your fault.  You have done everything you can to care for Cullen and have never given up your belief that he is alive.  A belief that has proven true.”

Another thought occurred to Jen that shifted the subject away from the raw agony of the current one, “If werewolves are real, what other fairy tales are real?”

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