White Wolves

Master Class: The Crossing

This week, one of the prompts at Master Class was gorgeous gorge.  This worked into the White Wolves serial quite well.  Click Here for a link back to my old blog with the previous piece to the story.  The short version of the story so far is that Jen’s son was kidnapped, she sought out Rhys (who turns out to be a werewolf) to help her find her son, bad werewolves come after Jen, and he is now taking her to his place to keep her safe.  They just started out down the path into the woods.


Within a few steps, the forest blotted out the remaining moonlight.  Jen could barely see the path, yet Rhys seemed to have no problem following the narrow, winding trail.  Several times during their hike, Jen swore she saw wolves flitting through the trees like flickering shadows.  They disappeared so fast she was not sure whether they were real or figments of her imagination.  Jen did not realize Rhys had stopped and ran into his solid back.

“Why did we stop?”

Rhys took her hand and guided her up next to him.  Before her stood a narrow, gorgeous gorge.  A slender rope bridge with wood planks spanned the deep gap.

“Be careful crossing.  The river below throws up enough spray to make the bridge slick.  I’ll follow behind you.”

Rhys steered Jen onto the bridge.  She gripped the prickly rope railings with white-knuckled hands and started to inch her way across.  The further out from the edge of the gorge she got, the more the bridge started to sway.  In the deep woods, Jen felt no wind.  Out on the bridge was an entirely different story.  The intensity of Rhys’s presence behind her did help steady her nerves.

Jen was almost across when she heard a sharp crack.  She froze.  A second crack ricocheted off the gorge walls.  This time her left foot plunged through the board in sudden syncopation.  Before Jen even had time to register the panic as she stared into the depths of the gorge below her dangling leg, Rhys snatched her back.  He swung her up and bounded over the last feet of the rope bridge.

“Are you okay?” he scanned her body for obvious injuries.

“My leg is cut up.  Other than that and the near heart attack, I think I’m fine.”

Rhys jerked the torn denim away from Jen’s lower leg.  She watched his powerful shoulders make short work of the damaged jeans.  Then she saw the cuts to her leg.  Even in the dim moonlight on the edge of the gorge, she could see the glistening wetness of bone peeking through the side of her calf.  Another, closer to her knee, revealed tendons.

“Shit,” Rhys sucked in his breath.

Jen fainted.


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And, there is still time left in the Don’t Panic Picture Prompt for the week.

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