Random Sunday

Random Sunday: Fearless, Technology, and Thermostats

Fearless.  Not the movie.  My son.  He about gave me a heart attack today.  My husband was up on a ladder installing some gutter screens since no one had ever done so prior to us buying the house last year.  My son decided he needed to help.  Remember, he is three going on four.  So, he and I were up on the ladder as well.  I was not about to let him go up a ladder alone.  Trust me.  There was no way this kid was getting hurt.  I did not let him go up that high and I think I held on to him more than the ladder myself.  He still almost gave me a heart attack with how fearless he was about the whole thing.

I hate technology right now.  Okay.  Not really hate but I am rather irritated.  My phone decided to malfunction on me where I would go through an entire battery in about 3-4 hours even if the phone was idle the entire time.  So, I ended up having to factory reset it since none of the other solutions I found worked.  For a difference of opinions on a password, iTunes says I am wrong and I say I am right, I cannot access my back-up.  I am ending up having to reinstall a significant portion of my apps and such.  I did keep all of my pictures and important data separate from the back-up.  I can still get to all of that.  I am still going to see if I can convince iTunes I do have the correct password to get to my back-up.

On a related note, I also dislike my thermostat right now.  It, too, is a technology thing.  The difference here is that this thing has a number of different programs one can enter to manage the temperature in the house at different times of the day.  However, it is so far managing to throw a monkey wrench into every schedule I try to program in.  It just went from 74 degrees to 78 degrees Fahrenheit, which is not what I told it to do.  Unfortunately, it came with the house so there are no instructions and none have been located online so far.  Grrr.  I am off to fight another battle with it.  I will not give in until I win this one.

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