Weather Riders

Studio 30 Plus: Revealing Secrets

Studio 30 Plus gave us nefarious and/or evil this week.  I went back to my Weather Riders serial for this one.  Shayna and Caiden have arrived at Marcus’s cabin.  Caiden is trying to help Shayna and knows Marcus, as the storyteller for the Weather Riders, can teach Shayna things she needs to know.


Caiden gestured for me to enter the mansion of a cabin first.  As I crossed the threshold Marcus held out his arm to escort me.  I hesitated a moment, unused to such manners, before taking his arm.

Marcus took us to a small dining room with an incredible view of the lake.  Birds flitted through the trees and a loon dove for fish out on the water.  Caiden pulled out my chair, leaving me a window view, while Marcus set a tray of fruits and cheese on the table.

“Now, my understanding from Caiden is that you have had limited training, some of which may have been,” he paused enough to make me squirm a little, “skewed shall we say.”

“That’s a diplomatic way of putting it, but you are correct,” I answered.

“What have you been told about the magic that exists in the world?”

“Nothing, other than Weather Riders use magic, which is an innate ability, to help manage the weather and that Weather Riders have always been around.”

Marcus nodded and shifted in his chair as if he were going to be sitting there a while.  Caiden leaned back and closed his eyes.

“A brief lesson on magic is necessary before you will understand our role as fully as possible.  In this lesson, think of magic as one’s ability to influence living beings and the environment in order to change an action.”

“That’s it?” I furrowed my brow and blinked a couple of times.

“There is more to it, but this is the general essence.  Now, magic is a tool.  Neither good nor evil.  The purpose to which it is put determines if the magic is beneficent or nefarious.”

“Rogue Riders for example.”

Marcus nodded at me and continued, “A mild form of dark magic, but yes, exactly that.  Folks like Caiden police Weather Riders, and others, to limit the influence those drawn to the less savory ways in which magic can be used.  Monitors, or Enforcers as they are better known, also have another role.  And that’s where this comes back to you, my dear.”

“Me?” my eyebrows shot up.

Caiden stood and walked to the corner of the room to stare at the window with his back to us.  Marcus signed as he watched Caiden’s back a moment.  I watched them both while trying not to fidget in my seat.  Having history did not come close to explaining what was passing between the two men.  I was not successful at sitting still.  Marcus reached out and covered my fingers with one large hand, stilling my movements.

“Peace, child.  There is a great deal of history you must learn.  Too much to even begin to understand it all tonight.  Caiden and the other Monitors have another, much rarer, role.  They protect people like you.

I am not certain what Marcus saw on my face at that moment, but whatever it was he smiled and chuckled a little.

“You are not helpless, my dear.  Quite the opposite, in fact.  Once you are fully trained there will be little that can stop you.”


“People like you are called Chimeras in our world.  You are not just a Weather Rider.  You are much more.”

I shook my head, mumbling, and lurched to my feet.  I stumbled toward the door.  Caiden turned.


“Leave her, Caiden.  This is a shock, particularly for someone who has not had much power in her own life.”

I groped my way to the door, desperate to get out of the room.  Caiden opened a door to the deck I had not seen before.  I burst onto the deck.  The damp lake air and the birds singing felt like the only thing that would keep me sane.  Whole.

How had he known my secret?


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