Don't Panic Picture Prompts

Don’t Panic Picture Prompt: June 20th

Awww.  No takers on last week’s Don’t Panic Picture Prompt.  Was it too hard?  Do I smell bad?  Let us try this again.  Here is this week’s picture.  Remember 1-500 words inspired by the picture.  Due by Sunday June 26th at 11:59 pm CST.  Link up or add your submission to the comments below.  Any questions, let me know!


2 thoughts on “Don’t Panic Picture Prompt: June 20th”

  1. She paused in her stroll to look around. The house was, by now, barely visible in the distance. The uninterrupted singing of the robins told her no one was around to disturb them. Or her.
    Melinda took a deep breath. This was something she ever only did when the sky was dark and the shadows deep. Never in the meadow in broad daylight. She reached up to loosen the hairpins and her long, dark hair cascaded down her back. She shook it free, a smile creeping unbidden across her face.
    Soon her clothing was folded neatly and stacked on the nearby stones. Stretching her naked body under the heat of the sun, Melinda dropped to all fours and pummeled the ground with her right fist.
    Moments later, a sleek black filly leaped to her feet, whinnied, and pranced in the sweet grass. Answering the call of the waiting crow, she disappeared in the distance, her hooves pounding, her long, black mane streaming out over her glistening back. The black crow cawed and danced in the air above her. Tears of joy moistened the filly’s eyes as she galloped across the earth, the wind in her ears, her human trials fading into the distance behind her. If only…if only….

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