Random Sunday

Allergies, Freezer Meals, and Costco

Yep.  I hate allergies.  I disappeared for a bit this week because my stupid allergies gave me a sinus infection.  Sinus headaches and three-year-olds do not mix well.  There should be some kind of warning label.  You know, like the kind you get on prescription bottles.  Oh well.  I have my antibiotic and life is getting much better.  Now I am working on playing catch up with my writing projects and such.  The one thing I am thankful for in all of this, besides the antibiotic, is that I am the one who ended up with this rather than my son.

Freezer meals are an entire world unto themselves.  I am trying to find creative ways to address the whole “What’s for dinner?” debate that occurs around my house at least 3 times per week.  When you add in the fact that my husband works overnights and gets up not long before dinner, and that I work until almost dinner and it has been taking me about an hour to get home (you have to love road construction season), this becomes quite challenging to feed my ravenous three-year-old.  So I have been looking online for ideas.  I never realized quite how devoted some people are to freezer meals.  Entire blogs on pretty much this?  Wow.  Now to wade through and figure out what my family will actually eat.

I went to Costco with my son today to buy groceries.  Some were for the freezer meals I am experimenting with and some were just normal grocery needs.  He did quite well.  He thinks it is funny to ride through on the cart side of the check out when we are paying for the groceries while I go on the other side to pay for said groceries.  The one issue I have discovered with trips like this to Costco comes when we get home.  My son is not much help carrying things in to the house.  Not that I blame him, he is only three.  Man, though, does it take a while to carry everything in.  I need to plan this better for when the hubby is home and can go with to lug things in for me.

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