White Wolves

Master Class: A Trial’s Aftermath

This week, Thunderous Applause stuck out to me the most from our three choices at Master Class.  So, without further adieu, here is the next piece of the White Wolves story.  The rest are all here on this page, so please scroll through if you’ve missed pieces to the story.  Also, be sure to swing by Our Write Side’s Master Class page via the button below to see other wonderful writers’ responses to the prompt.


Jen stared.  The feral, killer gleam in Rhys’s eyes faded, but not before she knew he had killed and would again, given the right circumstances.  The waterfall, small though it was, roared its thunderous applause for the morbid vignette played out before her.  The sound echoed off the walls of the canyon filling Jen’s mind.

“Rhys has never broken his word in all the years I’ve known him,” Kieara said, her voice pitched for Jen alone.

She went to the injured wolf, leaving Jen to Rhys.  Jen shifted and squirmed a little.  She did not want to look Rhys in the eye and yet, she could not look away.

“Are you all right?” Rhys asked, “Besides the leg?”

Jen nodded, unsure she trusted her voice or her ability to control what would come out if she did speak.

“I’m sorry you saw that.  Jordan was not supposed to be here.  I banished him two weeks ago.”

“Kieara said he was involved in my son’s abduction?”

Rhys sighed.  He ran one hand through his hair before noticing the blood oozing from a bite mark in his arm.  He wiped the blood on his jeans, a crimson stain amongst the dirt blackened streaks.

“Yes,” he said, breaking the growing awkward silence.  “I was not aware of this two weeks ago.”

“Shouldn’t we question him or something?  He’s got to know something about what happened to Cullen.”

Rhys smiled at her determined effort to avoid talking about what she saw.

“No need.  I already have all the information he could give us.”


“Now, please, let me take you to the cabin so your leg can be tended by a professional.  I do not want you to suffer a permanent injury because we sat discussing matters here in the woods rather than in the comfort of the cabin.”

Jen tried to stand.  The moment she put the slightest pressure on her leg, testing the injury, she collapsed.  Tears leaked out from under eyelids squeezed shut.  Her fists grabbed at the dirt and grass to keep from clutching her leg.  Molten waves of fire rushed up her leg, into her hip, and up her back.  Inky darkness consumed her.

Master Class Badge

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