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100 Word Challenge: Divine

The 100 Word Challenge this week gave us divine.  I added the picture because it, along with pondering the word divine while out walking, inspired my hand at a poem.  Enjoy and be sure to check out other responses via the button below.


What is divine?IMG_0006

A state of knowing?

A state of being?

A God-like countenance

upon a lesser creature?

A way of speaking

to those less knowing?


How can divine be seen?

In a little flower along a path

In a smile, a child’s laugh

In the pauses between life’s moments

In the kindness of a helping hand

In the moments before dawn

when the world holds its breath


Who becomes divine?

The friend who calls

The tired parent still patient

with a sleep-troubled child

The kindness of a stranger helping

just because it is needed

It is within us all.


100 word challenge

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