Random Sunday

Random Sunday: Abs, Nausea, and Movies

Abdominal muscles.  I know we talk quite a bit about them and most everyone wants them.  At the moment, though, I would be very willing to trade mine for someone else’s.  I am not certain I would even care much about how they looked, as long as they did not hurt.  If it hurts this much with a laparoscopic surgery, I would hate to have to have the full on open surgery.  Trust me, people.  Do not take your abs for granted.  They are a more integral part of your ability to do much of anything than you realize sometimes.  Here is to hoping mine will heal up soon.  The forced limited activity is driving me nuts.

Here is another somewhat related question.  Why is one of the major symptoms of dehydration nausea?  I mean, come on.  That just seems so very counterproductive.  Thankfully, I have not had to deal with much dehydration with the pancreatitis/gallbladder issues I have been going through this last week.  Some of that is because I am rather paranoid about dehydration as I have been there and done that before.  The whole dehydration-nausea thing just doesn’t seem to make much sense to me.

I got to introduce my son to one of my favorite kids’ movies today.  We watched The Land Before Time.  I remember watching that movie as a kid and loving it.  I recently found it on DVD and put it on for my son tonight.  I know it is not the latest and greatest technology and whatnot making the film, but I still think it is a wonderful kids’ movie.  My son seemed to enjoy it as well.

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