Random Sunday

Squirrels, Fat, and Patio Furniture


I hate squirrels.  Now, I know that may sound harsh, but consider the issues I have had with them.  They chewed up my grill cover to the point it they ruined it.  At my old house, they chewed holes in the top of the garbage can.  They have wrecked several water hoses.  Then the evil things ate the bud off my cactus that had not bloomed in like three or four years.  The most recent nefarious deeds from the vile fuzz balls include stealing one of my potted tomatoes, chewing holes in the plastic deck box, and wreaking havoc with my poor potted hibiscus.  Enough is enough.  I hate squirrels.

Fat.  Have you ever stopped to notice how much fat is in food?  Or how difficult it is to limit your fat intake?  Trust me, I have.  When my gall bladder was removed just over a week ago, my doctors told me I have to limit my fat intake.  The general guideline is to have no more than about three grams of fat per meal and to avoid saturated fat as much as possible.  So, I tried to be good and follow this.  It is much harder than it seems.  I am sure most vegetarians would not struggle as much as I am, but I like my cheese and meats, and even the occasional cookie or piece of cake.  And, let us not even talk about ice cream.  The one upside to all of this is that I have lost about three or four pounds since I went in to the hospital almost two weeks ago.

Why is patio furniture shopping so difficult?  I have looked around on a number of different websites.  I have been in multiple stores.  About the only thing I have not yet tried is looking on Amazon.  After all, Amazon does have almost anything.  Everything I find is either ugly, too big, or too expensive.  I am not made of money, folks.  I guess I will either have to continue my search for patio furniture or figure out how to make my own.  Not sure that will be a paying proposition either.  Grrr.

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