White Wolves

Enter the Angelics

If you haven’t noticed, I have not done as well lately posting consistently.  I am working on that.  So, in an effort to continue some of my stories and continue to write more, here is my response to the Master Class prompt of “diffident angelics”.  Be sure to click on the link or the badge below to see other great responses to one or more of the three prompts.


Jen came to in a cozy cabin room.  The rustic log look on the walls gave the cabin idea away.  She sat up and realized the inferno in her leg had faded into a mere whisper now.  Jen debated about testing her leg by herself when a knock sounded at the carved wooden door.

“Come in,” her heart sped up and threatened to choke her.

A dark-haired woman slightly taller than Jen stepped through the door.  She had a lean runner’s body and, while she was not a classic beauty, there was something striking about her face.  This woman turned heads, of that Jen felt certain.  Jen shrank back into the pillows and tried to hid her short, stocky legs without making it seem too obvious.  She did not want to think about what this woman would think of the stretch marks on her stomach.

“It’s okay.  I’m here to help you.  How does your leg feel?” the woman moved into the room with an air of confidence that made Jen wilt even more, “My name is Emma.  If you’re up to it, we can head downstairs.  There’s a lot to catch you up on.”

“Um,” Jen groped for the right words.  Any words.

Emma smiled, “Let’s back up and slow down a little.  How’s your leg?”

“Much better,” that was simple enough.

“Mind if I have a look?  I want to make sure everything continues to heal properly.”

Jen suck her leg out from under the covers, “You’re a doctor?”

“You could say that,” Emma pulled the bandages loose and Jen gasped.  The jagged tear in her leg was now a half healed scar.

“How long have I been out?  That isn’t possible!”

Emma tossed the bandages into the garbage can and sat down on the edge of the bed.  She took a deep breath, held it for a moment, and then let it burst out of her.

“Aw, hell.  I guess you don’t know much about our world yet, do you?”


Emma nodded.

“That’s about it.  Werewolves exist and they are somehow connected to my son’s disappearance.  And my son is half werewolf, which I guess is a huge deal.”

“Alrighty then.  I am what you would know as a druid.  As in magic wielding, nature loving, druid.  That’s how I fixed your leg.”


“I’m sorry to rush you, hon, but Rhys sent me up to get you.  There are some things you need to hear for yourself.”

“About Cullen?”

“And yourself.”

“Me?” Jen sat blinking, even forgetting to clutch the blanket to her in the confusion.

“Come on, hon.  It’ll all get sorted out downstairs.  Kris, James, and Morgan have news from the Angelics for you.  But you need to hear it from them.”

“Angelics? As in the sect that used to worship angels?”

“Well, they are rather diffident Angelics.  I am impressed you even know who they are.”

Jen twisted a wry smile, “I grew up Catholic.”

“I see.”

Jen stood, shoving her discomfort and self-consciousness down inside, reminding herself she did this for Cullen, “Show me the way.”


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