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100 Word Challenge: Secrets

Tara, over at Thin Spiral Notebook, gave us the word secret for our 100 Word Challenge this week.  I am coming in just under the wire, but here is my response.  Take a second to check out other great responses as well.


So many secrets.  They are everywhere.  Each secret taking root.  Growing.  Taking on a life of its own.  How did it get this way?  I never meant for it to go this far.  I cannot let anyone find out.  All will be ruined if the truth comes out.

I cannot let it happen.  I will not give up all I have created.  I will do what I must.  Whatever it takes to protect them.  They would lose so much.  It is about them.

One last twisted story to explain everything.  Then it will be over.  Nothing will matter after tonight.


100 word challenge

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