Weather Riders

An Agreement

Two in one day!  I guess writing in the car paid off today.  This time I used Studio 10 Plus’s prompt to get the next part of Shayna and Caiden’s story done using the prompt efficacious and/or effective.  Stop by and check out other responses as well.

“Destined?  No offense, but you two are nuts.  I am not a very effective leader.  Just ask my kitchen staff.  My sous chef does a much better job than I do.”

Caiden shifted to plant both feet on the floor and leaned toward me.  Marcus pursed his lips, but let Caiden lead the conversation.

“Look, Shayna.  You have two choices.  Lead the revolution and assure your secret will not be the death of you in the end,” he paused to stare at me, eyes filled with intensity, “Or gamble that no one else will figure it out.  If you lose that gamble, you will likely die.”

I did not know what to say.  Caiden was right about the end result if I gambled.  But a revolution?  Seriously?

“Let’s just say for the sake of discussion I agree to your crazy idea.  What happens?  I mean, I have no clue how to lead a revolution.”

Caiden grinned, “Then you talk to the Riders.  All of them we can contact.  Show them Chimeras need to be saved.  Are not a threat to anyone.  That the rule of the Council is outmoded and discriminatory, not just against Chimeras but all Riders not like them.”

“And how many is ‘all’?”

“Here in the U.S.?  One thousand four hundred and eighty-three.  In the world?  Eighteen thousand two hundred twenty-four.”

“Oh, lord.”

“What Caiden is failing to explain is that we do not need to incite worldwide revolution.  At least not at this point.  Just here in Minnesota.  Maybe Wisconsin and Iowa, too.  That’s only twenty-eight others,” Marcus broke in.

Caiden looked at me with a grin that made him look like a rogue or a pirate or something.  I had never seen this side of him before.

“We’ll have your back.  Are you in?”

I blinked several times and opened my mouth, but no words came out.  He was crazy.  Certifiable.  But a reckless part of me wanted to do it.  Wanted the insane adventure.

I grinned back, “The restaurant is in good hands for a while yet.  Why not?  What do we do next?”


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