White Wolves

Fantastic Realities

Our Write Side’s Master Class had another set of fun, challenging prompts this week.  I chose fantastic realities, which ended up the title of this piece of the White Wolves story kind of by accident.  And, as usual, please stop by Our Write Side via the link above or the badge below to check out other assignments.

 Jen sat in her chair looking at them. Tension built until Jen felt as if they would explode with the pressure. Rhys and Kris exchanged looks that were full of meaning, though Jen did not understand it. Kris sighed.

 “Morgan is correct. At least for the most part. Once a part of this world, one tends to not have as much contact with yours anymore. The two worlds just are not very compatible,” Kris stared at his hands as he spoke.

 “And you’re saying this applies to me now, too, aren’t you?” her voice sounded slow and overly even even to her.

 The silence drawing out spoke volumes. Emma finally stood up and knelt in front of Jen. She took one of Jen’s hands and held it for a few more seconds. Jen prayed Emma would not speak. Would not make those words into fantastic realities. Terrifying realities. She closed her eyes, trying to keep from crying as Emma’s first words came anyway.

 “I’m afraid, hon, that it does. Your son will be a shifter. A natural-born shifter. He will never fit into your world. Not truly.”

 “I don’t want this,” Jen whispered as tears fell in silent streams down her face.

 “Oh hon,” Emma shifted to where she could put her arms around Jen.

 Once the tears started, Jen could not stop them. Her body shook against Emma’s warm comfort. The men were blurry, fidgeting shapes to her tear-filled eyes. After several minutes, Emma pulled Jen to her feet and walked her out of the room. Jen could not see well where they were going. The cool evening air that greeted her felt wonderful against her tear streaked face.

 “Jen, hon, I understand. I was not born into the magical world either. I fell into it when my sister disappeared four years ago and I went looking for her. It took me a while to come to terms with it, too. Now, I know Morgan scared you some with his maudlin words, but there are some amazing things about this world as well.”

 “Like what?” Jen’s voice shook and croaked a little from crying.

 Emma smiled, “Like what we can do, and will do, to get your son back.”

 Jen froze. Emma nodded.

 “Really?” Jen forgot to cringe at the pathetic tone in her voice she hated.

 “Yes. Cullen is alive. And we will get him back. It won’t be easy, though. Will you join us?”

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