Random Sunday

Ragweed, Frogs, and Writing

I hate ragweed.  It is the current bane of my existence.  Even more than my usual, my allergies are driving me crazy.  And it is because of the blasted ragweed.  I know there are purposes for the stuff, though for the life of me I cannot imagine what they would be, but can it not do what it needs to somewhere else so I am not so miserable?  On that note, I am going to go find some more allergy medication.

T and I went frog hunting today.  More me than T, but he loved seeing the frogs I found.  We found three small toads and one small tree frog.  I also saw one much bigger frog that I think was a Leopard Frog, but he got away on me so T never got to see him.  We had fun watching the little tree frog.  He hopped around like crazy and stuck to all of us.  T liked, but also seemed a little apprehensive, when the frog jumped onto the front of his shirt and hung out there for a tiny bit.  After T got to watch each of the frogs, we relocated them from the middle of the yard to the pumpkin patch so they would be safe.  Then it we were on to the next adventure.

It is amazing how my writing goes sometimes.  I go for streaks where I struggle to come up with much, then I hit sprints where I can hardly keep up with everything bouncing around in my head.  I am excited and looking forward to seeing two short stories being published this fall.  One will be out in October.  I am hoping the other will be out about the same time.  Now I have two more short stories I am trying to finish for anthologies and a novel I am hoping to get published as well.  I am praying the good roll I am on right now holds up long enough to get all of my projects done!

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