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100 Word Challenge: Quiet

Tara, at Thin Spiral Notebook, gave us the word quiet for our 100 Word Challenge this week.  Tell me what you think of my offering and swing by to see other great responses via the link above or the badge below.

Ears perk up
Something is wrong
Heartbeat quickens
As mind begins to whirl
Moving with swiftness
Elsewhere unparalleled
Scanning each room
Searching for the

Nightmares ensue
Visions unfold
Blood and death
Silent invaders
Creeping up
On the unwary
Catching them
Haunting them
Forever reminding them
Of an unguarded moment

Each room stands
Riddled with danger
Laden with traps
Filled with places
For small bodies
To hide
Helpless and alone
Away from prying eyes

Just then
A small giggle
Fills the emptiness
Soothing fears
Conjuring concerns
Of messes and mayhem
What were you doing
When I was not looking?

100 word challenge


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