White Wolves

Master Class: Plans are Made

I’m squeaking my Master Class assignment in just under the wire.  Of the prompts offered, midnight wordlings flowed into the story better than I expected.  This is the next piece in the White Wolves serial.  Be sure to scroll back for any missed parts and stop by Our Write Side to see other great assignments.

Jen nodded, “What must I do?  Cullen is all that matters.  I’ll do whatever I need to do.”

“Good,” Emma smiled, “Rest tonight.  Let the midnight wordlings downstairs do the planning.  I’ll make sure they know you will continue on this road with us.”


“Yes, hon?”

“What would have happened had I said no?”

“We would have gone, anyway.  Your son is a rarity in our world.  Children like your son, when they survive, almost always grow up to be the strongest alphas and we need more alphas like he will be.”

Jen furrowed her brow as she searched for words.  Emma laughed.

“Don’t worry about it, hon, he’s got plenty of time to be a little boy.  Rest.  Kris, Rhys, and Morgan have things under control.  I’ll referee just in case and come get you when we need you.”

Emma left Jen perched on the bed in the room she woke up in just a short time earlier.  The talk on the balcony had helped.  Jen missed the door to the balcony when she first scanned the room.  The view the balcony gave of the surrounding forest amazed her.  She went back out to absorb more of the cool peace the trees offered her.  Even the moon’s silvery light seemed to wash away her tears and uncertainties.  Everything still felt surreal to her, but some semblance of comfort and belonging existed in it all.  Something about these people, this world, seemed right.


Emma settled herself back next to Kris.  Morgan prowled the room.  Had he been in his wolf form, his hackles would have been raised and upper lip curled.

“What did I miss?” Emma asked with a pointed look at Morgan.

“He still thinks we ought to leave Jen here when we go for her son,” Kris slung one arm around Emma and pulled her into him.

“I don’t think we need to worry about Jen as much as you worry we do.”

Rhys arched an eyebrow at Kris before shifting his attention to Emma, “Why is that?”

“You didn’t hear the determination in her voice when she agreed to come with us.  That little boy is about the only thing in the world she has right now unless I’m mistaken.  Besides, she’s followed her conviction about him being alive so far, which has brought her this far.”

“She is too soft for this world,” Morgan’s words slurred from the heavy snarl in his voice.

“Jen doesn’t understand her own strength yet.”

Kris and Emma exchanged quick glances at the vehemence in Rhys’s voice.  They remembered what happened to the last woman Rhys cared about.


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