Weather Riders

Studio 30 Plus: Reasons for Revolution

Sweet!  Post three of three done tonight!  This one is from the Studio 30 Plus prompt, dichotomy or contrast, this week.  Be sure to swing by and see what other ways the great authors at Studio 30 Plus used this prompt.

Caiden laughed as he jumped to his feet and pulled me up into a huge hug.  Marcus collapsed back into his chair as if every bone in his body disappeared all at once.

“Don’t get too excited.  I still suck as a leader, so you two and whoever else will have to do a lot of that work.”

“You’ll be fine.  You won’t regret this,” Caiden grinned as he all but danced from the room.

I drew my brows together, “Okay.  I’m lost once again.”

Marcus chuckled and gestured for me to sit again.

“Caiden has been looking for someone to lead his cause, our cause really, for a long time.  You must excuse his exuberance.”

“Exuberance?  That’s one way to put it.”

Marcus nodded, “I know you are nervous about your role.  As Caiden said, we will be here to support you.”

“I don’t even know much about who and what I am, much less the politics I’m diving into now, and I question my marginal understanding of things.  It sounds like my education as a Weather Rider has been a bit spotty.”

“Here’s the short version,” Marcus shifted in his chair, “The Council has ruled the Weather Riders for centuries now, and has maintained the same laws since its beginning.  The particular law threatening your wellbeing is that regarding Chimeras.  You can shift your powers from storms to wind to sun to clouds.  Even things like humidity and barometric pressure are under your control, should you so choose.  There were several Chimeras who wreaked havoc on our world.  Hence the law the Council passed that said Chimeras are leashed or killed.  No exceptions.”

“Leashed?  What does that mean?”

“There is a control device.  The Chimera wears a bracelet.  It is leashed, nowadays via Blue-tooth, to a control panel.  If the Chimera tries to use his or her power without someone at the control panel, it causes excruciating pain to the Chimera.  Enough so that no Chimera has ever influenced the weather for more than a few seconds.  Not long enough to escape.”

“How barbaric!”

“The other choice is to die.”

I snorted, “Not much of a choice,” I took a breath and gambled, “Why is there such a contrast in Caiden?”

Marcus cocked his head, “What do you mean?”

“When I first met him, he acted so hard.  Almost cruel.  Now he’s like a teenage boy who just found out he won a prize.  It’s a rather drastic dichotomy.”

“Caiden has learned to be cold.  He had little choice.”


“Because of the training they gave me to become a Monitor.  They stripped everything from me.  Everything,” Caiden’s somber voice came from behind me, making me jump.

“Yes,” Marcus sighed, “They do not want Monitors to have any ties to anyone or anything.  So, they beat it out of their trainees.  Sometimes quite literally.”


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