White Wolves

A Secret Revealed

Once again I am cutting it down to the wire to get my Master Class assignment in.  I chose Shameful Musings this week, which led to a big character reveal that even I had not been aware of until this scene happened.  Be sure to swing by Our Write Side to see other responses to the prompt.


Emma and the wolves planned late into the night.  As they headed to their rooms to sleep, Kris stopped Rhys.  Emma looked bac, caught Kris’s eye, nodded, and left the room.

“What are you doing with this woman?” Kris held onto Rhys’s arm.

Rhys pulled away and turned his back on Kris, “My job.”

“Bull.  You wouldn’t bring her here.  Wouldn’t be turning your back on me now if that’s all you’re doing.”

Rhys paced around the room as Kris stood watching him.  The silence spun out into tension humming through the room.

Growling, Kris stepped in front of Rhys, “This is about Sarah, isn’t it?  About what happened.”

Rhys turned and punched the wall.  Had it been sheetrock, he would have put a hole through it.

“Rhys.  You need to let go of those shameful musings.  What happened was not your fault.”

“How do you know?  How is it not my fault?”

“Do you really want to hash this out now?”

Rhys stepped around Kris to resume his pacing.  He clenched and unclenched his fists, the effort not to destroy everything around him evident in the trembling of his taut muscles.

“Fine,” Kris sighed, “We’ll do this now.  I was there, Rhys.  I saw what happened.  You stood no chance of saving Sarah.  She let go of the bridge.  She chose to be right there that night.  Sarah could have stayed back or moved out of the way.  She didn’t.  Then she chose to let go.”

Rhys started punching the nearest wall at the way Kris emphasized each word of the last sentence.  Kris grabbed Rhys’s arms to keep him from injuring himself.

“Rhys. Stop.”

Rhys snarled and fought Kris’s restraint for a moment, then sagged between Kris and the wall, “Why?  Why would she do that?  What did I do?  Was I that awful?”

Kris guided Rhys to the floor and let go.  Rhys buried his tear-streaked face in his hands.  His shoulders shook with silent tears.

“You did nothing but love Sarah.  None of this was your fault.  She could not accept what you offered her – a place to belong.  You have got to make some peace with this or we are screwed trying to help Jen and her son.  It was not your fault.”

Rhys did not answer.  Kris sat with him.  This time the silence stayed companionable.  Rhys was not certain how long they sat there, but he eventually wiped his face and looked up half expecting to see contempt scrawled across Kris’s face.  Instead, Kris’s face held a reflection of Rhys’s pain.  Pain and understanding.

“What do I do now?” Rhys’s voice felt thick and soft even to his own ears.

“Live, my friend.  Live.  We both understood Sarah was not adjusting to this life.  Her choices were hers alone.  Cherish her memories and live rather than just existing as you have for so long now.  Stop chasing death and embrace the life you still live.”


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