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100 Word Challenge: What’s in a Name?

We got 100 words plus our name to use this week from Thin Spiral Notebook‘s Tara R.  Tell me what you think.  Be sure to read other answers as well.

Shakespeare once wrote “What’s in a name?”  That got me thinking about the meaning behind names.  Take my name, Stacy.  I googled it and came up with several definitions, based ob which derivative you choose – Anastasia or Eustace.  The first is a female name while the second is traditionally male.  Anastasia means resurrection.  Eustace means bountiful harvest.  My particular spelling, at least according to Wikipedia, is the most common male spelling of the name.  There are a ton more famous female Stacys than there are male and there is a Marvel Comics character named Stacy X.  What does your name mean?

100 word challenge

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