White Wolves

Doubts Creeping In

Getting my Master Class assignment done earlier this week.  I chose broken moon as my prompt.  What other prompt do you choose for a werewolf serial?  Anyway, here’s my response and be sure to stop by Our Write Side to see other assignments.

 Jen woke early the next morning. Not wanting to wake anyone, she went out onto her balcony to enjoy the warmth of the early morning sun. She leaned against the rail and surveyed the surrounding forest. Mountain peaks rose above the brilliant green treetops.

 Movement on a deck to Jen’s left and below her caught her eye. Rhys. He moved with an eerie grace to the rail. Jen gasped at the number of scars on his shirtless torso. His back bore the most. Jen did not know if she would have been able to touch one place on his back without touching scars. She had to admit, though, he looked stunning in torn jeans low on his hips, no shirt, and no shoes.

 Then Jen noticed Rhys fidgeting with a necklace of some sort. She watched for several seconds before realizing the chain held a broken moon pendant. Before Jen could see any other detail, Rhys slipped it back into his pocket.

 “Come down, if you would like,” Rhys called up without turning around.

 “Oh. I’m sorry,” Jen backed away a couple steps, “I’m. I.”

 “Peace. Shhh. It’s okay. I knew you were there as soon as I opened my door.”


 “I am a wolf,” his dry tone made her laugh.

 “Come on down here. We have a lot to talk about.”

 Jen stayed where she was for a moment. Rhys stood still. Something in his stance told Jen he was aware of everything she did, right down to the breaths she took. It unnerved her a little, yet she did like the fact he paid attention to her. Her ex never did.

 Jen took a deep breath and joined Rhys at the lower balcony rail. They didn’t speak, just stared at the trees and mountains.

 Rhys broke the companionable silence by shifting to face Jen.

 “You know you don’t have to go with. You could stay here where it’s safe. We’ll bring your son back to you.”

 “I know.”

 “Then why?”

 Jen sighed and tried to find the words. Tried to understand her choice herself.

 “I have never really done anything to fight for something. If I can’t fight for my son, who or what will I ever fight for?”


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