White Wolves

Change of Plans

I’m cramming in some last minute posting today.  Here’s the next piece of Jen and Rhys’s story in the White Wolves world.  Be sure to stop by Our Write Side to check out other responses to the Master Class prompt I used here.

They stood there, not saying a word, staring out at the lake.  It reflected the azure opacity of the clear early morning sky.  Jen shivered at the thought of going with these dangerous people to rescue her son.  Yet, she had no other choice.  Not going would change something in a bad way.

Rhys sighed and shifted to face her again, “This will be dangerous.  What kind of experience do you have defending yourself?  Or with weapons?”

“None with weapons, unless you count throwing whatever is in my hand,” Jen looked down and picked at her fingers.

“You have had to defend yourself.”

Jen did not answer.

“Please.  Tell me.  I’m not trying to judge or condemn you.  I need to know what I need to give you a crash course in before we go.”

“My ex was abusive.  I did what I could to keep from getting hurt too bad.”

“How do you feel about learning to use a gun?”

Jen blinked several times as she met Rhys’s gaze, “You want me to learn to use a gun?”

“Yes.  It’s the best way I can think of to teach you to defend yourself with what little time we’ve got left.”

“I guess I don’t have much of a choice, do I?”

Rhys ran his hands through his hair and turned his back on Jen.  His move gave her a close-up of the scars crisscrossing his back.  Several scars were long, thin lines.  Others were jagged and puckered.  Along one side near his hip, a perfect bite mark marred his tanned skin.  No human left that bite mark.

“I don’t want you to think you need to do anything, Jen.  I fear for your safety and am trying to find ways to ease my concern.”

The patio door slid open interrupted any further conversation.  Kris stepped out into the bright sunlight.  His jeans and button-down shirt were so impeccable, Jen wondered if he had a magical ability to keep himself neat.  Interestingly, he went barefoot as well.

“I apologize for my interruption, but there is bad news.  They’re moving their base.  We need to go.  Now.”

Rhys pounded on the railing, “Damn it!”

“I took the liberty of having some of your pack ready our supplies.  Jen, if you are coming with us, get your things together and meet us at the door in ten minutes.”

Half way up the stairs back to her room Rhys called out, “I’ll teach you to shoot on the way.”

“I don’t have a gun.”

Rhys grinned, “I have plenty.”


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