Weather Riders

Feeling Betrayed

Back at it with Studio 30 Plus’s prompt burble and/or babble.  For some reason, their website is not cooperating, so stop by their Facebook page to see what others have done with this prompt.  For me, it’s back to Caiden and Shayna where they are not exactly seeing eye to eye.

I could not help myself.  I slapped Caiden and stormed off.  The water murmured a soothing babble as I made my way along the shore.  The feeling of being manipulated still churning in my stomach.  I scooped up a couple rocks and threw them as hard as possible out into the water.  The resulting splashes rippled out until the miniature waves changed the rhythm of the water lapping along the beach.

“You done being mad at me yet?”

“No!  Go take a flying leap!”

He crunched his way out toward me, but I threw the rock I still had in my hand at him.  It bounced off his shoulder and fell into the water.

“I didn’t have a choice.”

“Bull.  I’m the one who didn’t have a choice.  You deliberately did this.”

“I had to!” his voice echoed back.


The surrounding forest had long since gone quiet with our screaming.  The silence that hung between us seemed deafening.  Caiden turned his back on me and stared at the lake.  His shoulders slumped, and he dropped his head to stare at his feet.  He seemed to get smaller as I stood there.  Caiden scrubbed at his face and turned back.  I saw remnants of tears at the corners of his eyes.

“My sister and mother were Chimera.  The Council took them and killed.”

Something in his tone bothered me.  The story did not end there.


Caiden sighed and looked straight at me, “I watched them die.  And did nothing.”


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