Random Sunday

To-Do Lists, Thank Yous, and Kids

One of the things on my to-do list this week was to get to the hardware store.  I needed to take care of my supplies list.  Quite a bit of stuff later, that shopping run wrapped up.  The bummer part about finishing that item on my list is that even though I got that item checked off my list, my list got longer by multiple new projects.  That somehow does not seem right. Oh well.  That’s how it goes.

I am so excited and so grateful for some opportunities that are coming to fruition within the next month or so.  I have two short stories coming out in anthologies.  One is being released on Halloween.  The other will be out in November.  I have a third short story for a literary magazine submitted (no answer on acceptance yet) and a poem showcased on Our Write Side.  I am also working on a series of writing posts looking at how a basic understanding of psychology can help create believable characters and plots.  None of this would be possible without all of you who read my stuff.  So, thank you for stopping by my little corner of the internet, follow me on social media, and for keeping me inspired to keep writing.  Thank you.

It is so fun watching little kids.  Not just mine, but most little kids.  Their innocence and curiosity shine so clear in their behaviors.  They want to know, to see, and to experiencing everything.  And they throw themselves into it so whole-heartedly it amazes me.  I love that zest for life.  I wish we all could hold on to a little more of that passion and enthusiasm like little kids do.  Here’s to hoping all of us adults can find a little of that within ourselves again.

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