Random Sunday

Spirituality, Texturing, and NaNoWriMo

As I sat in church this morning watching the confirmation service, an interesting thought came to mind.  I listened to what the confirmation students, all about fifteen to sixteen years old, wrote about their faith as part of their journey to this day.  It made me wonder if some of what makes these kids different from the kids I see at work is that the kids at church had something to believe in outside of themselves whereas the kids at work for the most part seem lost on that score.  It seemed like the kids at church had hope because of that spirituality whereas the kids at work do not seem to have much hope.  I am not sure how I could go about finding out whether this difference exists more than just in my head, but it seems like it to me.

I have decided something.  More accurately, I have had a decision reaffirmed this week.  I hate texturing on walls.  In specific, I loathe the texturing on the walls in my house.  I have been working to scrape it all off in my son’s room this week.  My hand hurts quite often right now as a result.  And I am still not done.  Not to mention, I have not touched cleaning up most of the mess in his room from scraping all the drywall mud off the walls.  But, it will look good when I am done and my son will love it.  If I survive that long.

National Novel Writing Month starts on Tuesday.  I have participated in the past and I have skipped years in the past.  I like the fact that NaNo, as it is affectionately called, forces me to focus and pound out a draft of something.  It is also super stressful because it is writing 50,000 words in thirty days.  Which averages out to almost 1700 words per day.  For anyone who has not tried it, most of my blog posts run about 400-500 words, unless you are reading the 100 Word Challenge posts.  Then they are 100 words, plus my intro.  In comparison, this is a lot.  Every day.  Just to hit the bare minimum word count target.  So, be prepared for much of what I post to revolve around my work in progress for that.  Cheer me on.  Consider donating to NaNo, which is a non-profit organization that supports writing and literacy in schools across the country.  And, just maybe, I will still have some sanity left at the end.

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