Random Sunday

Gall Bladders, Snow, and Children

I hate gall bladders.  Okay, maybe it’s a bit strong to say hate.  Annoyed might be a better word.  I know this seems random, but I have a good reason.  I got mine taken out after ending up with pancreatitis over the summer.  While the surgery did fix the pancreatitis, now I feel like I’m gambling every time I eat.  Most of the time there’s no problem.  Occasionally, though, my stomach revolts and I end up feeling icky for a while.  Sometimes a good part of the day.  Trouble is, I can’t figure out what sets off the yuckiness and what does not.  It’s getting old.

We got our first snow over this last week.  Most people would think this pretty cool.  Part of me agrees.  However, here in Minnesota, this typically signifies about five months or more of snow.  And cold.  As in freeze your breath into ice crystals cold.  I have seen where someone takes a glass of water outside, throws the water up into the air and it lands on the pavement as ice crystals.  And I’m a freeze baby.  While I love the snow, I have a hard time with the cold.  So, I see this as a mixed blessing.

I love the perspective children have on the world.  My son goes to preschool at our church.  One day this week I was walking down the hall by his preschool room and they had some art up on the wall.  They were talking about thankfulness.  The teachers asked each student what he or she was thankful for, wrote it on a cut out of a maple leaf, and posted it on their wall.  What did my son say?  God and cake.  I laughed and I love it.  So innocent and simple.  I wish we could all look at the world a little more like that.

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