Random Sunday

NaNoWriMo, Snow, and Christmas Cookies

Once again, I know I am late posting this.  At least it was written on Sunday.  I promise now that NaNo is over I’ll get better at posting this on time.


NaNoWriMo is over!  I am excited and sad it is over.  I love the craziness of trying to complete at least 50,000 words of a novel within a month.  It pushes me to not edit or get hung up on making sure a scene is just right.  It also tends to lead my novel off in all sorts of directions other than what I had planned.  But, it also means I run out of time to do much of anything else when I am attempting NaNo.  And I miss being able to work on other projects.  The good news for you all is that I have most of a draft of a novel done.  My goal is to see the first book in the series published next year.  And this one within the next one or two years, if not sooner.

I am excited over something else this week, too.  It snowed early Sunday morning.  Combine that with the cold snap, which I really dislike, and we will most likely have snow for Christmas.  Growing up here in Minnesota, it never feels like Christmas when we do not have snow on the ground.  Now, I know, there are plenty of places in this world that do not have snow for Christmas, if ever.  I need snow this time of year, though.  However, I can do without the cold.*

Speaking of Christmas, we made spritz cookies with my son this last weekend.  There used to be this gun thing called a Super Shooter.  Anyone remember these?  Anyways, my mom has one and that’s what we use.  My son had a grand time decorating the cookies.  I think he ate more of the decorations than what went on the cookies.  And many sprinkles went elsewhere.  I am not certain I want to know where all they ended up.  I am glad we did this at my mom’s house so I don’t have to find sprinkles for the next month or so.  Trust me, it ended up a good thing that there were three adults to referee one four-year-old.  It was great!

*Yeah.  The snow we had melted.  I’m still holding out hope we will have some more by Christmas.


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