Random Sunday

Renovations, January, and Editing

I got off a little this week with the extra time off and craziness going on around my house.  So, Random Sunday is a little late.  But, without further adieu, here it is.

I know there is some saying out there about how a home improvement project takes on a life of its own.  I don’t remember what it is, but I know it exists.  And that is what has happened with this current project.  All we were going to do was scrape the texturing off the walls in my son’s room and paint it.  That’s it.  Now there is no drywall in there, the insulation is about to be replaced, and we are still trying to figure out what happened with the electrical.  There is even a nail through one of the electrical lines.  The bonus to all of this – we will likely have to do this with most every room in the house since the same guy renovated most all the interior of the house.  I don’t even want to begin thinking about what else we will find.

This time of year is a little sad to me.  I love Christmas.  The lights, decorations, and the time with family is so special.  So, when it is time to take all the decorations down and go back to life as normal, it gets a little depressing.  The fact that we are facing the next several days of highs that may hit about zero Fahrenheit does not help the issue any either.  I’m going to have to find other things to brighten these less than enjoyable Midwest winter days.

I have my first editing job!  I’m doing the developmental editing for an anthology a couple fellow authors are publishing.  This is so cool for me because I haven’t done something like this in a good fifteen years.  I miss being able to help others out like this.  I am glad there will be a couple others also editing and working on this project, because my skills are rather rusty, but I am still stoked for being a part of the project.

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