Random Sunday

Time, Cold, and House Elves

Ugh.  I am back to wishing I didn’t have to work.  I have so many projects I am working on right now.  I need more time!  Isn’t that how it always goes, though?  I have several writing projects of my own I’m working on.  I’m helping do some developmental editing for an anthology project.  Then we are still working on my son’s room, which we had to demolish completely because we discovered how poor the construction was on it.  And I’m working on a quilt project as well.  I wanted that to be a big quilt, but it’ll have to just be a table runner for now.  There’s no way I can get more than that done given the time I have for it.  Like I said.  I need to not work anymore for a while.  Isn’t going to happen, though, so I’m just going to keep plugging away at my list every chance I get and pray I get it all done by the requisite deadlines.

Who gave permission for all of this ridiculously cold weather?  Seriously people!  When it gets to be double digits below zero Fahrenheit, we have gone too far.  Polar vortices can head right back where they came from.  The other day I walked out of work and thought Hey, this isn’t bad out here at all today.  Then I looked at the temperature.  Four degrees above zero.  That’s it.  Four.  And I thought it was getting pretty nice out.  There is something very wrong with that.  I need spring.

I wish house elves were real.  I really need one as I look around my house.  I know some of the mess I’m seeing is because the contents of my son’s room are almost entirely sitting in other parts of my house as we work on his room.  However, the mountain of laundry is multiplying in the dark, I swear.  The dust dinosaurs are evolving into their own civilization.  I’m afraid of what will happen when I try to evict them.  And the just plain stuff sitting around is out of control.  I need a house elf, pronto.

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