Weather Riders


I’m happy to be getting back to my Weather Riders serial, courtesy of Two Word Tuesday over at Our Write Side.  This week we had bicker and/or disagree.  Here’s the next installment.

                 The bickering seemed petty now.  I still didn’t like that Caiden lied, but now I understood why.  Silence stretched between us, Caiden not meeting my eye and me glaring at him.  Our disagreement hung on the emptiness.  Did this change anything?  Yes.  Did it change my commitment to this revolution they wanted?  I couldn’t let it.  For my safety.

Caiden whirled and stormed away, trees swaying in the wind surrounding him.

“You hit a nerve.”

I spun around at the unexpected words from Marcus.  “What?”

“I haven’t seen Caiden lose control like that since his family’s deaths.”

“So, you were aware he lied.”

Marcus gave me a steady look.  This time I looked away.

“You’re right.  He needed to tell me.  It seems like you both know so much more about me when I get nothing about you and only a little more about Caiden.”

“And yet you are here.  You understand what you need to, don’t you?”

I opened my mouth to answer Marcus and stopped.  Was Marcus right?

“Close your eyes.  Listen with your heart, my dear.  Don’t mind your head.  The head gets in the way for most of us.”

Figuring I had nothing to lose, I did as he asked.  At first, all I heard were birds and the occasional cicada.  Had Marcus not stood waiting, I would have given up.  But, he did, so I didn’t quit.  And then I sensed the wind.  Not the sound it made moving through the trees above us.  The wind itself.  A sibilant whisper in my soul.  As I listened to that seductive song I realized it sang to Marcus, too.  He was a Wind Rider.

I felt it whispering to Caiden as well.  With that, I learned Caiden’s secret.  He was Chimera.

My eyes flew open.  Marcus just smiled at me.  He understood what I had discovered.  Had known I would discover the secrets.  I looked around with a new perspective.  A newfound power.

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