Random Sunday

Life, Taxes, and Resolution

Ugh.  Life has been so crazy.  Work has been nuts, and when I work with teenage boys who have mental health, substance use, and legal involvement, that’s saying something.  My normal days are pretty crazy for most people.  Then, the construction in my son’s room has been a bigger headache than expected and the house is a mess as a result of his toys and stuff everywhere.  Plus, I’ve been busy with several writing projects.  I’m hitting a point where I need a break.  Hopefully, some of this will give soon.

I know this sounds crazy, but I am excited for tax season this year.  Why?  Because the plan is to use whatever refund we get to go toward taking my son to Disney World.  He’s at that perfect age of being young enough for the magic to be real and yet old enough to do some rides and interact with the characters.  I am so excited and I wish it was time to go now!

I am working on a resolution even though I tend to struggle with sticking to them.  Eating healthy is not my strong suit and I want to fix that.  So, this is my resolution.  Eat healthier.  By default, that will also mean my son and husband will eat healthier as well.  We’ll see how it goes.  Any progress I make is better than where I am at now.

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