Random Sunday

Washing Machines, Colds, and Ventures

My Sunday did not go as planned.  I figured on doing some housecleaning while my husband continued to work on our son’s room.  After all, his room currently has no electricity and no insulation.  Not a good combination when one lives in Minnesota.  In January.  However, when we discovered how bad the electrical was in his room, we needed to fix it.  So, what happened that this did not go as planned?  Simple.  The washing machine broke.  I was doing laundry earlier this week to keep the exponential growth of dirty clothes to a minimum when the washing machine decided to  keep filling.  And filling.  And filling.  As in out of the washing machine, down the outside of the drum, and all over the laundry room floor.  My hubby did some research and tried to fix the thing, but that didn’t work so well.  So, we ended up buying a new washing machine.  It’s all good though.  The new one has a clear top, which means my son has a new favorite spot to hang out.

Why is it when a child is sick, parents don’t sleep?  My son had a cold this weekend.  Granted, it was a good cold, which meant he couldn’t breathe well Saturday night when it was time for bed.  He wanted to sleep by me—again an understandable wish when a four-year-old is not feeling well.  The child then proceeded to whimper, toss, turn, elbow, kick, cough, demand tissues, snore, and otherwise sleep fitfully.  All.  Night.  Long.  I am not in any way angry at my son.  It is not his fault he was sick and had a tough time sleeping as a result.  I had a long night when he needed to sleep glued up against me.

I am excited to tell you about a new little venture.  The Our Write Side team has taken me on as a monthly columnist!  I will write a monthly column, plus occasional guest posts, sharing what I have learned about writing.  Better yet, I’ll be a part of a great team focused on supporting indie and small press authors.  There will be a huge learning curve for me for sure, but I am looking forward to this new venture.  Please stop by at OurWriteSide.com to check out the amazing work they—or we now I guess — do to help and support authors.

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