Random Sunday

Laundry, Construction, and Jobs

I swear the laundry is multiplying in the dark.  Just the dirty stuff.  It must be based on the piles of laundry I still have to do.  Now, I know I got behind when the washing machine broke two weeks ago.  But, I’ve had the new washing machine for two weeks now.  My son  has been completely in love with it since then.  We’ve done at least a dozen loads of laundry since getting it and he has had to stand and watch at least half of them.  And I still have laundry to do.  Therefore, the only conclusion I can come to is that the dirty laundry is multiplying in the dark.  If anyone knows how to stop the dirty clothes from breeding, please let me know.

I am getting sick of living in a construction zone.  I know.  You’ve heard about this several times already.  Thankfully, for you and me both, there is progress.  My hub has gotten some of the electrical fixed in my son’s room and has gotten the insulation back in.  Now we just need to finish the electrical before we can get the plastic and drywall back up.  Then it’s on to mudding and painting.  At least now we know what we will be in for each time we decide to do something with a room in this house.

I hate these moments.  I’m happy, mostly, where I am working right now.  Then a job opportunity comes up that I would love to have.  I don’t know that I’ll get it, but I can’t pass up the chance at applying.  Even with as hard as it would be to leave my current job because I do love what I am doing.  And there is no way of being able to do both.  Grrr.  Choices.  And I know I have to at least try for the new job.

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