Random Sunday

Swimming, Good Kids, and Changes


I am impressed with my son.  Now, I know what you may be thinking. Of course she is.  She is his mother.  Hear me out though.  Last weekend we finally got him to open his eyes underwater while wearing his swim goggles.  Since then, we not only have had a hard time getting him to keep his head above water, he has figured out how to do this funky swimming underwater doggy paddle.  And he covers some distance with it, at least for a four-year-old.  He figured all of this out in about a week’s time, which amounted to four or five trips to the pool.  Last night we were there for over two hours and he still didn’t want to get out.  I think I have a future swimmer on my hands.

Good Kids

I read an interesting article the other day.  It talked about this study, out of Harvard if I recall, that outlined the five things parents who raise “good kids” do.  What it boiled down to was that the parents taught these kids to be polite, show gratitude, and love everyone equally.  What I find interesting is that this article seemed to imply that negative behavior is, at least in part, stemming from things like intolerance and/or a sense of entitlement.  Not only does this hold true in obvious ways, but even just holding these prejudices will spawn negative behaviors unrelated to the specific prejudice in question.  I found the article and what it argued fascinating.


changeSpeaking of learning things, you may notice over the next while that the look of my posts will change a little.  That’s because I’m working on how to better present my post content.  Things like headings and pictures may be messed with in the process.  And all of it is for your sake, my valued readers.  So, please feel free to tell me what is working and what is not.  Much love and appreciation to you for stopping by my little corner of the internet!

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