Random Sunday

Ghost Potion, Time, and Construction

Ghost Potion

danbo-2011237_1920We almost had a crisis at my house this evening.  We ran out of ghost potion.  You see, my son went through this phase about a year ago where he insisted there were ghosts in the house and he was afraid of them.  Well, I tried to come up with ways to outsmart a then three-year-old.  For a while it worked to tell him that the ghosts were his friend so he didn’t need to be afraid of them.  That wore off after a while, and my son got smarter at trying to stay up later.  We tried “magic wand” dusters and the like, which only worked a few times.  Then I got my new diffuser and started experimenting with essential oils.  That was when the ghost potion was born.  My son loves a blend of lavender, cedarwood, and rosemary.  Put a few drops into the diffuser, which has an option where it goes blue, and you have the ghost potion in the ghost light; along with a little boy who tends to go to sleep much easier.  Now I need to mix some more because we just used the last of it.


I have another issue with time.  Not the same “there’s never enough time” issue, though that is almost always an issue for me.  This time it’s that time is going way to slow for me.  One, I hate the cold.  Don’t ask why I still choose to live in one of the coldest areas in the clock-2015460_1920continental United States.  With the massive warm up we just had, I struggle to go back to our normal temperatures for this time of year and end up walking around freezing.  The bigger issue, though, is that we’re taking my son to Disney World this spring.  I can’t wait to see him there.  The sheer excitement is worth all the headache of the planning.  I just don’t want to wait any longer.  I want to take him now.  Not much I can do but wait, though.


Last, but not least, is a quick update on the saga that has become my son’s room.  As a quick reminder, we started off last November with scraping the texturing off his walls to paint.  Then we discovered that some stuff wasn’t built right when a previous owner remodeled before we bought the house.  That turned into a gut job on my son’s room entirely.  I am happy to say the first two sheets of drywall went up on his room today!  The electrical is mostly done, there is now the appropriate plastic barrier on the outside walls, and new insulation.  I think we may survive this yet.  And all of this because I wanted to paint his room.  uberraschungseifigur-2018410_1920




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