Random Sunday

Jewelry, iTunes, and Respect


I tried a new jewelry making technique this weekend.  Chainmaille.  Yes, it is similar to the chainmail armor it sounds like, only this is making jewelry and sculptures.  I managed to get one bracelet done.  I want to figure out a couple more things as well.  Now it is just about figuring out when I can try them.  The whole work and clean the house and all keeps getting in the way.  Anyone know how I can have instantaneous wealth so I can hire people to get the chores done and not have to work?


Have I told you about my son’s playlist on iTunes?  I decided to start a list of all the songs he loves.  At the moment, we go from AC/DC’s “Thunderstruck” and Shinedown’s “State of My Head” to Celtic Thunder’s “All God’s Creatures” and the Mickey Mouse Clubhouse Theme Song.  The cutest part about the whole thing is that he sings along to most all of them.  Have you ever seen a four-year-old sing “State of My Head”?  It is too cute and too funny.


I’m going to climb on my soapbox for a moment.  I saw something that happened this weekend that bugged me.  Several people got into it about something – to be honest I’m not even certain what it was about.  The result, though is what bothers me.  One of the people left the situation stating the others were being ridiculous because they were young and overly sensitive.  The problem I have with this is that this person was asked to stop the comments multiple times but chose not to.  Why does respect have to be tied to age?  Shouldn’t everyone be given equal respect because we are all human beings deserving of respect?  Shouldn’t we be caring about everyone’s feelings because we are all human beings with valid feelings?  This is a huge piece of what’s wrong with things to me.  If we can figure out how to honestly care for everyone around us regardless of our differences and yet still can celebrate our differences, we’d be much better off.  If we can remember that giving respect reflects our own character, not the other person’s worthiness of respect, there would be a lot less fighting.  Okay.  I’m getting off my soapbox for now.



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