Random Sunday

Nickelodeon, Editing, and Weather

Nickelodeon Universe

We took my son to Nickelodeon Universe a couple weeks ago.  We wanted to see how he would do with some of the rides before we take him to Disney.  He had a ball!  The log flume ride ended up his favorite.  He got upset and wanted to get right roller-coaster-156147_1280back on after the first time we rode it.  We went back and did it a second time for him.  He went on a pretty fast roller coaster as well and liked that too, though not as much as the log ride.  Plus, we went on a few other rides he enjoyed.  I have no worries anymore about how he will do with the rides at Disney.


Why is it editing takes so much more time than writing?  Don’t get me wrong.  I’m not complaining as it is critical to edit well so my best mistakes-1756958_1920work is put out there.  I’m just floored sometimes at how much more time it takes to edit than it does to create the story in the first place.  And I tend to rely on programs and others to do the nit-picky copy editing for me as I tend to suck at the technical side.  It’s got to get done, though, so I’ll get back at it as soon as I’m done with this post.


What is with the weather lately?  We have gone from temperatures around zero Fahrenheit to sixty above and back to near zero in a matter of a week or less.  I think we’ve even had changes of twenty degrees or more in the same day.  And then there’s the snow we had a couple weeks ago.  At one point, we had a thunderstorm – complete with hail and tornadoes – to a blizzard on the same day.  I mean come on!  Make up your mind Mother Nature!  I can’t figure out what to wear or what to plan for the day anymore.  Thankfully the last week or two has been evening out some.  I hope this trend continues.  Welcome to weather in the Midwest US.

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