Random Sunday

Fight, Shopping, and Time


I saw something interesting at work the other day. A huge group of kids got together toboy-2027675_1280 fight each other in a parking lot across the street from my office. In and of itself, this was rather unusual. Two things about the fight made me laugh for the sheer stupidity. First, they chose to take the fight into the middle of the street which was a pretty busy street and this happened right at rush hour. Talk about adding an exciting element to an already dangerous situation. Second, they did this a block from the police department and in the parking lot of a branch of the county court house. Really? Talk about a lack of planning.


Why is shopping for clothes is so difficult? I mean, I understood the problem when I went shopping after having my son and hadn’t lost the baby weight yet. I’m well below that point now. Most of the stuff I foundshopping-2163323_1920 when looking for my Easter dress was either too casual or came straight out of the 1970s, and not all of it the good part of that fashion era. I did finally find a dress that worked without having to run to different stores, but it took me way longer than it should have considering the women’s department was not that big. I’m glad I don’t have to do this often.


Here’s another why for you. Why is it time goes by so slow when waiting for a vacation? I get the whole psychological thing where focusing on it alters your perception. Why is that though? We’re going on a vacation later this spring and I just want to go already. It doesn’t help that this trip is for my son and I know he is going to LOVE the trip. Does anyone have a time turner or a magic wand I can borrow? It’ll only be for a bit, I promise.time-1739629_1920

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