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Busy, Our Write Side, and Water


I know, I know—it’s Monday, but with Father’s Day yesterday and trying to finish the remodel of my son’s room, things got crazy yesterday. My son has been needing more time and attention lately as well. Not sure what that’s about, but he takes priority over writing so I’ve been giving him more attention. Unfortunately, it means my writing sometimes takes a backseat and I need to prioritize what I’m working on. On a positive note, though, I do have a couple short stories and a novella coming out soon, so be sure to watch my Published Works page!bees-486872_1920

Our Write Side

If y’all aren’t a part of it already, you should come join me over at Our Write Side. We have several rockin’ Facebook pages—one of which is moderated by yours truly—and a presence on Twitter. Of our write sidecourse, we also have the OurWriteSide.com website. There’s something there for everyone who loves reading and writing. Writing advice, writing prompts, and open calls are just a few things for writers. Opportunities for books in exchange for book reviews, reading related blog posts, and the amazing books for sale through Our Write Side’s small press side. Stop by and say hi!


I’m trying something new. I went back to the doctor for my whole kidney stone mess. Mywater-263054_1920 tests came back normal—all of them. So basically that means they don’t know why I had the stone. All I got told was to drink more water. So, I found a water bottle that lets me put fruit in this basket thing in the middle to infuse the water with fruit flavor. I tend not to drink enough water when it is plain water. I’m hoping by adding the fruit, it will be enough to help me drink more water.


2 thoughts on “Busy, Our Write Side, and Water”

  1. I keep the powered dropins on hand. Most of them are sugar free and low to no calorie anyway. my favorites are Crystal Light’s Peach Mango Green Tea and True Lime’s Watermelon.

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