Random Sunday

Headache, Theology, and Pineapple Sage


Ugh. I’ve got a headache. Not a normal headache, it’s where the top of my head hurts. I helped put drywall on the ceiling of my son’s room yesterday.  Because they were the 4 foot by 10 foot sheets, it gave me a challenge holding them. I had to use my head as much as my arms to hold my end of the drywall. They were the big four feet by brain-1845962_1920ten feet size. I think I ended up bruising the top of my head from doing it that way. The problem was that I didn’t have another choice. I’m too short and don’t have the upper body strength to put the screws in over my head. I told my husband we will do things a different way with the next room we work on, and this is one more on the long list of reasons why.


I had an interesting brainstorm idea after the last church council meeting I was at. We talked about the future of Christianity and that we need to change what we are doing as Christians because our current way isn’t working anymore. No one is certain what those changes mean and where we should go though. The day after that conversation, I saw anlittle-girl-1894125_1920 article about a bunch of the major world religious leaders. They sent out video messages stating we need to reach out across religious lines to make friends and bring peace. That made me reflect on where we should go as Christians. We are good at the whole reaching out thing “somewhere else”, as in a different part of the world. What if we need to do that same work here in our own backyard?

Pineapple Sage

sage-1544884_1920Last night I tried a new recipe. To be honest, the whole point of the recipe was to use some of my pineapple sage growing on my deck. I wanted to know if it tasted like it smelled as it has a distinct pineapple scent when I bruise the leaves. While I am happy to say dinner turned out good, it did not give off the pineapple tinged sage flavor I expected. Oh well. I’ll try it again with something else since I have the plant in a pot on my deck already.

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