I got to this week’s 100 Word Challenge early this week. We had to either imply or use the word snake. I give you Lampropeltis.


Slithering and sliding

scales rub on grass

mottled greens and browns

blending with detritus

littering the yard

lingering there since last fall.


Long tongue flickers

eye blink fast

black thread tasting the air

looking for lunch

scurrying among the detritus

piled in the yard

waiting for removal this spring


Eyes unblinking

staring off into space

searching for

the slightest movement

of shadows from above

from enemies

flying high over the detritus

raked into bags in the yard

so summer fun can commence


Sleek body

burrows deep

and goes to sleep

in the detritus

accumulated all fall

to wait out winter.


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