Random Sunday

Poetry Lessons, Food, and Toys

Poetry Lessons

I got the coolest lesson today. Well, maybe not everyone would think this was as awesome as I thought. A friend in one of my writing groups is helping several us out learning the intricacies of poetic forms and metering. This is so cool because all I need to do is look at the terminology involved and I get a bit intimidated. It’s mainly with book-1869969_1920metering when this happens. For the most part, the forms I understand—whether I’m brave enough to try them is a whole different story. The lessons are helping quite a bit. I even learned today that meters are part of what creates the mood in poems, not just the words and images. Now I’ve got a whole new direction to explore.


Ugh. Little kids and food. I tell you if this doesn’t drive me nuts I’m not sure what will. rigatoni-569072_1920My son, who is almost five, told me he was absolutely starving at lunch today. So I made him five chicken nuggets and gave him a handful of grapes to go with. He ate everything I gave him before his nap. After he woke up, he begged for food like crazy. I made him wait because it was so close to dinner that I wanted him to wait to eat then. What happens at dinner? He won’t eat. And it’s not like I made anything too unusual—pulled pork, corn, and a pasta salad. He has eaten everything I made tonight multiple times in the past. I know, it’s just because he’s five. It still makes me crazy.


Why is it toys multiply in the dark? I swear they do. I’m trying to get in the habit of rubber-duck-1401225_1920having my son pick up his toys before he goes to bed. That way things stay cleaner and I don’t kill myself stepping on toys as I walk through a room. Right now, his toys are in a box in the living room as his bedroom is under construction. Every time I have him pick up his toys, more and more don’t fit into the box. How does that work? They all came out of the box. I wonder if this is a Gremlins type thing. He likes to pretend to feed his toys. There’s something to that. If anyone has any magic potions or antidotes or the like, please share it with me.

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