Thin Spiral Notebook gave us the word sing as our 100 word prompt this week, which turns out to be quite apropos as my son has been in a serious singing mood lately. Be sure to swing by and check out other responses!



Beautiful notes

floating through the air

a little off key

at the top of little lungs

lyrics no relation

to the melody.


“Mommy, play my playlist, please!”

launches from the backseat

as a little body

wiggles and squirms

in time to the songs

and peals of laughter

fill the car.


Another request

for that playlist

as the shower becomes

a stage

to sing and dance

with a bottle for a microphone

and a standing ovation

from Mommy at the end.


Music weaves

through a little life

filling his world with joy

a constant companion

creating a soundtrack

just for him.

100 word challenge

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