Random Sunday

Cursing, Enabling, and Camping


One of the most entertaining things I’ve done this week is work on editing my novel. Not in and of itself interesting. The fun part about it, though, is that I changed things around from the standard Christian American way of looking at things. My novel is a futuristic swearing-294391_1280science fiction story with shades of Greek mythology. So, I decided that when my characters are cursing, they should curse in Greek. This means I’ve had to do a bunch of research figuring out how to curse in Greek. It’s been challenging, though, because most of what I find comes up using a Greek alphabet. I can’t read that alphabet much less type with it. But, I think I’ve got at least the start of a good list going. And the bonus is that I can curse in Greek around my son and no one will know!


I have to rant here for just a moment. I worked with a family this week where the parents were very enabling of their child. They seemed to be terrified of their child help-153094_1280ending up unhappy. Now, consider that I work in an adolescent dual diagnosis treatment program. For any treatment to happen, the teenagers need to be unhappy at times. This is because people don’t change unless they are uncomfortable and uncomfortable generally means not happy. And this is a kid who’s using pattern presented as one of the highest risk ways of using around. What did they decide to do in the end when the kid kept going on about how unhappy the kid was? Take the kid out of treatment. They’re saying they’re putting the kid into a different program and I hope they do. This kid really needs it.


This has been a weird weekend for me and the next few days will see that continue. My son went up camping early this weekend with my parents. While my husband and I got to join him, we then came home without him. We had to come back to go to work and my parents are retired. They continued the camping trip and took my son with. I’ll have tent-548022_1920another night tomorrow night where I get the entire house to myself. Just me, the two fish, the tortoise, and the rabbit. My husband will be gone at work and, as I said, my son is out camping. I don’t get many of these days so I’m not sure what I’ll end up doing with it. I’ll probably spend a good chunk of the quiet time writing.


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