Seal Myth

Over at Thin Spiral Notebook, we had the word water for our 100 Word Challenge. Here’s my interpretation. Be sure to stop by to see what others did as well!

Seal Myth


When daylight ends
and twilight rules
danger comes
in unexpected ways.

A soft lapping
at the shore
the only hint
of something afoot.

A shuffling of rocks
A hidden skin
A chance at
A different life

Footsteps come
A man appears
seeking the lost
among the waves.

Destinies meet
Fates intertwine
until the choice
is taken away

Bound to live
that different life
never returning
to the depths

Until one night
Storms did blow
driving rain
Ships were lost

Choices stand
children at home
husband at sea
Which path to walk

Skin’s return
shifting limbs
wet coolness
an old embrace

100 word challenge

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