Random Sunday

Chiropractor, Trauma, and Taping


I went to the chiropractor for the first time. I’d been referred because of the increase in headaches and migraines I’ve been having lately. Per my chiropractor, there’s a good chance several of the health issues I’ve dealt with over the last few years are related to stuff going on in my neck and upper back. The first adjustment, as a result, felt so good. Unfortunately, my chiropractor is on vacation for the next week now. I’m really noticing the difference now that I know how my neck, shoulders, and back should be. My next appointment cannot come fast enough.shield-1264826_1920


I’ve been working on a trauma certification at work. The material has been objectively fascinating. The connections they are drawing to development and what happens in children’s brains is intriguing in a morbid and sad way. Much of it goes to support my argument we need to do more to support families and children starting prenatally. If we can support these families and children right from the start, resiliency in the family and individuals will be improved. Plus, all the resultant health conditions associated with trauma will decrease quite a bit. Can you tell I’m a bit passionate about this? Okay, I’ll get off my soapbox now.


I’m learning I hate drywall taping. The mudding part is not so bad. The taping sucks, home-22324_1920mainly because we ended up with some bubbles and such under the tape. This has now resulted in having to go back, cut out the sections where there are bubbles, and redo those sections. This is taking way to long for me. I understand, part of this issue is my impatience on the whole deal. But the taping is a pain in the behind, no two ways around it. I hope we get done soon.

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