Random Sunday

Graphic Designing, School, and Cub Scouts

Graphic Designing

My hat is off to all of you who are graphic designers. I dabble and mess with it a little andcolored-pencils-374771_1920 I know enough to make teaser quotes and my promotional bookmarks. However, I still need to rely on elements and pictures that pre-exist. From there, I manipulate and change stuff until I get something resembling what I wanted. Now, I get graphic designers do to some extent do the same thing, but they take it to a whole different level than what I can do. I have nowhere near that skill. It took me forever to make mock-ups of my two new bookmarks. Then I had to come back and redo them, which took just as long. Therefore, I recognize I have not earned the title of graphic designer—at least not yet. Which is also why I want to recognize and acknowledge the amazing work they do.


My son started kindergarten this fall. It’s been an interesting transition for him—and forapple-256263_1920 the rest of us. He’s done well and loves school so far. A nice bonus is that he’s got an awesome teacher. She’s excited to teach, has great positive energy, and lots of creative ideas. Not surprising his favorite part of the day is recess, followed closely by Phys. Ed. The one time I’d love to be a fly on the wall is during lunch. My son is a talkative and outgoing little guy, so I wonder sometimes how much lunch he gets eaten. Oh well, he loves school so life is good.

Cub Scouts

pinewood-derby-736440_1920While on the subject of my son, we’re going to put him in Cub Scouts. I don’t think he totally understands what it is yet, but he understands one part—the Pinewood Derby. He saw the cars and was so excited at the idea of building a “race car”, so much so his first day of school held one disappointment for him because he didn’t get to build it yet. I felt bad, but it made me laugh, too. We have had to explain to him this will happen in Cub Scouts multiple times now. If he’s this excited over the Pinewood Derby, I wonder what he’ll do when they make the Raingutter Regatta sailboats?

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