Random Sunday

Whirlwind Week, Toys, and Titles

Whirlwind Week

calendar-660670_1920Wow, was last week a whirlwind week. This week wasn’t much better. So many after school activities starting now for my son, plus the kids at work getting back on their normal schedules. Then, Ambrosia: A Poetry Anthology was released on September 15th, which hit number one in poetry anthologies on Amazon! This really makes me happy because all the proceeds from the book are going to the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention. This week has been filled with getting schedules hammered out, playing catch up in multiple areas of my life, and prepping for upcoming events, like the Local Author Fair I’m part of this coming weekend. I think maybe I’ll be caught up soon. I hope.


Ugh. I swear toys must share some of the same DNA as odd socks and hangers. There arebaby-2503624_1920 so many!!! We’re working on rearranging my son’s toys between his room and his downstairs play area now that we’ve finished his room. I swear I don’t remember him having this many toys. He is one spoiled boy for the toys were cleaning up as we work on this. Plus, the things have a knack for disappearing when my son is desperate for a specific toy, but reappears as soon as he’s moved on to something else. If anyone can come up with how to manage the odd socks, hangers, and toys, I’d pay good money to find a solution for this.


book-1869969_1920I hate coming up with titles to things I write. Sometimes I write something that the title for jumps out at me right away. When that happens, I love it. Those titles are much more often spot on and work well than ones I have to dredge up from the depths of who knows where. It’s those times I can’t come up with a title I hate. I end up over-thinking things and really get myself into a jam. I am so glad I am part of some wonderful writing groups who help me get out of that spot. Thank goodness for them or I’d be buried in work with no titles.

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