Weather Riders

Resolutions and Conflicts

It has been way too long since I played in the Weather Riders’ world. I’ve missed Shayna, Caiden and company. This week’s installment of the Weather Riders is brought to you by the Two Word Tuesday prompt over at Our Write Side. Stop on by over there to see what others have done with the prompt as well!


In that moment my anger and fear solidified into an icy rage at everyone who had made my life a living hell. Caiden’s life a living hell. I had my answer—Caiden’s dishonesty was not enough to change anything. I turned, the twenty-seven pines swaying around me. The spirits of the murdered Weather Riders seemed to whisper to me though I could not put their message into words.

Meeting Marcus’s calm stare, I saw my determination reflected in his peaceful eyes. I wasn’t sure how much he understood of what I now sensed, but it didn’t matter. Somehow Marcus knew—knew what would happen between Caiden and I, knew what I’d find here, knew it all.

“And this, my dear, is why we are desperate to keep you with us. You are the key to the Council’s undoing.”

“If Caiden is Chimera as well, why can he not do it?”

Marcus glanced around the clearing and I understood. Caiden had no ability to hear what I heard. He might be Chimera, but something—his training maybe—kept him from hearing the whispers from the pines. His balance was missing whereas mine had returned with my acceptance of the role I needed to play. Not that I wanted it, but I understood I had no choice.

“I need to find Caiden.”

“He’ll be down at the lakeshore.”

I left Marcus in the grove and set off in search of the surly man I knew I couldn’t afford to alienate. And the man who deserved an apology from me. Just as Marcus predicted, I found him throwing rocks far out into the lake.


He didn’t show any sign of acknowledging my existence.

“Look. I’m sorry. This whole thing has spun so far out of control for me that it took me a bit to get my head wrapped around it.”

“So what? You want a celebration for it? People are dying out there.”

“I know.” I moved to put a hand on his arm. He froze. “I heard the voices from the pines up there. I know your secret, too, and why that clearing is so special to you.”

He jerked his arm away from me and stalked off down the shore. My heart broke even as an overwhelming urge to throw rocks at him flooded me. Instead, I stood there and watched him go.



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