I’m so happy I managed to get the 100 Word Challenge done this week. I’ve missed this challenge. This week we got the word read. Here’s my offering, and be sure to check out what others have done with this prompt.


Dusty pages
yellow and worn
Faded ink
brown and thin
Valued and priceless
transporting you to
Worlds beyond worlds
in the space
of a breath

Fresh pages
crisp and clean
Clear ink
sharp and black
A dime a dozen
whisking you away to
A place within
at the turn
of a page

Animated pages
colors adjusted
Pick your font
large or small
Expensive bytes
pulling you in to
An electronic realm
as quick as
a touch

No pages at all
but the cultured voices
Filling the space
with beautiful cadence
Luxurious sounds
Painting around you
a world
within a world

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